MinEd Game


Conceptualised and designed by Richard Watson Todd (prompted by a discussion with David Coniam and Kunthida Rungreungkiat)

Website design and programming by Worapong Kaewtong and Stuart Towns

Translations by Saranya Saranchat

This project was funded by the School of Liberal Arts, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, project no. 2559103

The data used in this website has been made as valid as possible and is based on authoritative sources. For the criteria, sources used are:

  • English First EPI Ranking Data
  • ETS TOEFL iBT Test Score Data
  • Ministry of Education - UNESCO Education for All National Review Project
  • NIETS Annual Report
  • NIETS O-NET Exam Summary Data
  • OECD - UNESCO review of National Policies for Education
  • UNESCO Institute of Statistics Country Education Profiles
  • UNESCO World Data on Education
  • World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report

Costs of projects have been estimated based on previous real projects or by calculating from numbers of schools and teachers.

For the effects of the projects, as far as possible the impact of different projects is based on research findings. For example, increases in teacher salary (unless by a large proportion of the salary) have minimal impact on education quality (Eide et al., 2004; Hanushek and Rivkin, 2007), several studies (e.g. Dichaba and Mokhele, 2012; Hayes, 2000; Wedell, 2005) have shown that cascade training frequently has little impact; and previous efforts at Thai-designed mobile English learning applications (e.g. the problematic Echo English) have had minimal impact.

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